Update 2015: I switched the monitor to a 20" 4:3 Dell LCD monitor so I could install AIMTrak Lightguns. The Daewoo TV would not respond properly to lightguns. The Lightguns were more important to me than the TV. It fit perfectly in the TV's spot so no new plexi was needed.

Before you build your cabinet, you need to know the maximum size monitor/TV you'd like to fit. I decided to design my cabinet around the monitor to ensure it was the right fit. Finding the right features was important. You need Auto Power On, bottom mounted speakers (not side mounted - TV becomes too wide) and an SVideo rear input.

What is "Auto Power On" you ask? It's a feature I've only seen on Toshiba, Panasonic and Daewoo where if the power is cut to the TV (like when it is powered on by a cable box outlet pass-through), the TV remembers where it was (channel, video input source, etc.) so you don't have to break out the remote to change the channel or source each time you turn your TV on or off. This is a key feature in setting up the one-switch/button power solution for the cabinet.

My biggest issue with the monitor was getting the right size for playing. Ideally, I wanted a 24" to get the right cabinet size, but finding one with the features I required was less than easy. I decided to just go shopping and see what kind of deal I could get.

After going around to a few stores and realizing how much bigger the cabinet would need to be for 27" (which was available with the features). I also realized how much heavier the TV would be. I found an open box 20" flat screen damaged unit that was in perfect functioning condition and came with a warranty. This would also make the wife happy as the cabinet would be less of a space issue.

The TV is the Daewoo DTQ 20U4SC. I got it at BestBuy as a damaged demo model for $75. The screen and functionality was perfect, but the housing was damaged. Perfect for me as only about 1/2 inch from the TV screen would be visible and I could spray paint the housing black after masking the glass with tape. The volume/audio didn't matter. I still, however, would make sure to mask off a small circle on the bezel so I could still use the remote for the TV. TV placement and masking placement on the plexiglass must be very exact unless you want a more obvious circle/opening.

Turns out another bonus with the flat screen is that it can press right up against the plexiglass and seems to be a more even look with less glare when playing.

Daewoo DTQ 20U4SC Features:

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Front View of the TV:

Rear View of the TV Input Panel:

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