So, this is the final bad-boy......

Update 8: Mobo, CPU and RAM, Qbert Knocker, AIMTrak lightguns replaced

Update 7: Qbert Knocker and AIMTrak lightguns installed

Update 6: Boot drive is now a 30GB OCZ Vertex SSD and te OS is Windows 7 Ultimate. The Arcade now boots in less than 30 seconds to Hyperspin, shutdown takes about 4 seconds. Hyperspin is patched to version 1.2.

Update 5: I upgraded the PC, added a ball-top joystick, replaced the spinner with the SlikStik and migrated to the Hyperspin Front-End (v1.1). The PC is now a an Intel Core2Duo E7500, 4GB Corsair PC6400, Ggigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L Motherboard, and an EVGA 256MB GeForce 8600GTS videocard. Hyperspin needs more horsepower to work smoothly. I also upgraded to MAME 0.134

Update 4: I changed the bezel art, added a new marquee and updated the 4-way joystick cluster with a right button.

Update 3: I added a 4-way joystick.

Update 2: I added Side Art.

Update 1: I changed the joystick orientation to make it square with the monitor (much better for playing) and moved player 1 to the right and player 2 to the left.