UPDATE: I created an instructions document that I will print and affix to the bezel. You can download the Word Document here. I am also posting all the supporting graphic buttons in the photo gallery in case you want to make your own. I revised my Control Panel Visio template to be the base for creating an image of my Control Panel for the instructions document.

My art basically included production for the marquee and bezel. I hope to put on some side art sometime soon, in addition to a control panel map and instructions.

UPDATE: I finally got the Side Art. Scott at Mamemarquees.com did the design and production for me. I just chose the characters I wanted to include. He produced it on the adhesive-backed vinyl and I was VERY impressed with the product. I used an old t-shirt rag to apply the sticker (after having measured and marked the middle with a pencil). I asked my wife's opinion on positioning.

Side Art from the right side:

Side Art from the left side:

I measured the size I needed for the marquee by first mounting the plexiglass sandwich along with the marquee retainers, no marquee yet. I knew the marquee retainers would give me leway on the top and bottom, so I ordered the marquee slightly longer vertically. Horizontal measurement needed to be exact as I don't have a sheet cutter and would have to use scissors to trim (which wouldn't be clean). Luckily, it only took two tries of printing (my fault, not the vendor).

I used EMDKay.net for the marquee.

For the bezel, I had my plexiglass cut and measured exactly. I had the monitor in place in the cabinet, but no anchors behind the TV in yet. I measured within 1/2" wide and high/low. Since Ernie and I spray painted the TV front black, a little overshoot on the bezel would be fine.

So, I thought the adhesive backed vinyl was a great idea to just stick on the plexi. Turns out it is VERY hard to get it right. I ended up masking the monitor on the plexi using masking tape. I also masked a small circle for the infrared remote input. I sanded the plexi and spray painted it black, about three thick coats. I then attached the artwork from the bezel I cut out using a credit card to apply. I used a razor blade on the remaining bubbles in the artwork.

I used MAME Marquees for the bezel. I hope to use them for the side art when I'm ready.

For colors, I chose Glidden "That 70's Color" (45YY 64/757 Yellow) and Glidden "Dark Secret" (00NN 05/000 Black). The Yellow didn't have a primer. If I did this again, I would use a white primer for the yellow. For the black, I used a gray primer and it worked well. The yellow took 6 coats to look right. The black took three coats in addition to the primer.

I created the artwork using Ulead Cool 3D, an excellent program.